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Direct Mail Fulfilment

Plan your Direct Mail Fulfilment or company mailshot with PPD

PPD offers a comprehensive direct mail and fulfilment service, tailored to your own campaign requirements.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

More and more of our clients are discovering the power of direct mail marketing as a promotional tool which, when combined with an effective leaflet distribution campaign, can provide a highly cost effective means of targeting potential as well as existing customers.

The key elements of the direct mail service we offer are :

  • Mailings to client-owned or PPD databases.
  • Stuffing Envelopes, polylopes, shrink-wrapping and boxed packaging.
  • Save money using PPD's bulk buying power to buy your envelopes, polylope, shrink-wrapping and boxed packaging.
  • Laser-copied, mail-merged covering letters.
  • Laser-printed address label runs or carrier sheets.
  • Collation and insertion.
  • The full range of Royal Mail services, including Mailsort, Packet post, Reply Paid and Post Paid franking.
  • Response handling and fulfilment.
  • Database creation (QAS and AFD), data input, and / or existing database management.
  • Manage from start to finish your company mailshots

How PPD can help you

PPD offers a wide range of services aimed at specific types of businesses and target markets:

•Save money and time, using PPDs advanced knowledge of Royal Mail Services to get you discounts on your postage for qualifying campaigns

•Use our bulk buying power to save money on your materials such as labels and envelopes

•Direct mail, company mailshots, database management.

•Storage, fulfilment, leafleting services.

•New e-business customer services system for viewing stock

•PPD can supply your envelopes, to find out more Suppliers of C4 & C5 Envelopes

•New e-business customer services online system for ordering stock.

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What do I do now?

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